Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Literature and Society
S474 | 28218 | Professor Melissa Dinverno

HISP-S 474  Hispanic Literature and Society (3 credits)   LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  For students matriculating prior to Fall 2010: You
must have completed two of the following:  S328, S331, S332, S333,
or S334.   For students matriculating Fall 2010 or after:  You must
have completed one of the following,  S328, S331, S332, S333, or
S334; Must have completed one of these S324 or S326 and must have
completed one
additional 300-level Spanish course.

This course explores the representation of gender in literature
written by 19th- and 20th- century Hispanic women and the way these
writers used literature to question hegemonic notions of gender.  We
will focus on both the depiction of their position in their
societies, as well as the diverse issues they engage in their
created worlds.  Grounding our readings in their historical and
cultural contexts, we will discuss the questions these women define
as important, the forms and genres in which they choose to write,
the attitudes within society and artistic circles regarding gender
and sexuality, the possible literary/artistic outlets available to
these women, and their own agency in the creation of these outlets.
Special attention will be paid to concepts of performance, voice,
desire and sexuality, exile (gendered, racial, geo-political),
memory and rewriting the past, and generational relationships
between women. This course, then, examines a wide range of texts by
Hispanic women (Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Chilean, Chicana) and the
way these writers use literature to deal with social issues, while
equipping you with the ability to create readings informed by
interesting perspectives on gender and women’s writing.

HISP-S 474  #28218  12:20P-1:10P  MWF  BH 236  Prof. Melissa Dinverno
Note:  This class carries A & H credit.