Spanish and Portuguese | Methods of Teaching College Spanish
S517 | 16404 | Professor Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

HISP-S 517  Methods of Teaching College Spanish  (3 credits)
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This course will provide students with a foundation in the theory
and techniques for teaching university-level Spanish as a foreign
language. The theoretical background of communicative language
teaching will be emphasized, with particular attention to the
interaction approach and task-based language teaching. Students will
review second language acquisition research and learn how to
implement current findings into effective teaching practices.
Internal and external factors that affect the foreign language
acquisition process in a classroom setting will be discussed, as
well as how instructors can maximize in-class learning with their
role as teachers. Throughout the semester, students will present
articles, participate in online and in-class discussions, complete
class observations and carry out teaching evaluations. Students will
also collaboratively design classroom tasks, assessments, and lesson
plans, and create an online teaching portfolio.

HISP-S 517  #16404   10:10A-11:00A   MWF  BH 247
Prof. Laura Gurzynski-Weiss