Spanish and Portuguese | Colonial Spanish American Literature
S558 | 28228 | Professor Kathleen Myers

HISP-S 558 Colonial Spanish American Literature (3 credits)

Fall 2010     #28228     4:00P-6:30P   MW    LL (Lilly Library)
Prof. Kathleen Myers

Second Eight Week Course – Runs 10/25/10 - 12/17/10

Through a study of canonical texts from Colonial Spanish America
this course will focus on the development of colonial discourse and
on theories about it.  First we will examine the chronicles of
exploration, conquest and colonization (ca. 1492 – 1600), focusing
in particular on the foundation of European concepts about the “New
World” and later responses to these concepts by indigenous and
mestizo authors.  Next we will study the formation of a “barroco de
Indias” during the mid-colonial period (ca. 1600-1750) and its
flowering in a variety of poetic and dramatic texts.  As an
extension of this work on primary texts from the period, students
will do archival research on first editions and manuscript materials
at the Lilly Library.  We will read narratives by Columbus, Cortés,
Las Casas, El Inca Garcilaso, Guaman Poma, Catalina de Erauso and
poetry by Ercilla, Balbuena, and Sor Juana.  Theoretical readings
will include works by early modern authors, such as Juan Luis Vives
and Luis de Cabrera, and more recent scholars, such as Homi Bhabha
and Edward Said.

Presentations, response papers, and a final paper will be required.