Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Linguistics Variation and Language in Context
S612 | 21720 | Professor César Félix-Brasdefer

HISP-S612 Topics in Linguistics Variation and Language in Context
(3 credits)

Topic: Pragmatic Variation across Spanishes

Fall 2010      #21720      1:00P-2:15P    TR     JH A 105
Professor César Félix-Brasdefer

This course will examine existing research on pragmatic variation,
the intersection of sociolinguistics and pragmatics, from different
theoretical and methodological perspectives. After a critical review
of the models of discourse analysis that have been proposed to
examine both written and spoken data, this course will analyze
empirical research that has investigated pragmatic variation at the
formal, actional, interactional, topic, and organizational levels
(Schneider & Barron 2008). The emphasis of the course will be on the
analysis of pragmatic and conversational data with a focus on
regional variation across varieties of Spanish in Spain and Latin
America. We will also consider variation in other languages to
examine how different varieties express the same information to
achieve the same purposes during social interaction (Wolfram &
Schilling-Estes, 2006). This course will be of interest to graduate
students of sociolinguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, and
anthropological linguistics. Students will design a research project
that addresses one aspect of pragmatic variation using spoken data.