Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Acquisition of Spanish
S614 | 28230 | Professor Manuel Díaz-Campos

HISP-S 614  Topics in Acquisition of Spanish (3 credits)

Topic:  Context in Learning SLA

Fall 2010    #28230   4:00P-5:15P   TR    BH 208
Professor Manuel Díaz-Campos

Studies in the area of second language acquisition have pointed out
the importance of context of learning in the process of developing
linguistic skills in a second language. This class will examine the
many ways that context of learning (e.g. study abroad versus formal
classroom) has an important impact in the acquisition of Spanish.
Study abroad, in particular, is a context where contact with the
native culture and language is believed to be beneficial. A review
of the recent literature on context of learning will be presented,
including studies analyzing the different components of linguistic
competence in second language speakers. Students will be preparing
independent research projects to address current issues in the area.
Class time will be divided in lectures, group discussion, and hands-
on activities.