History | Modern Italy
B368 | 28357 | C. Ipsen

Above class carries culture studies credit. A portion reserved for
majors; open to undergraduates and Education MA's only. Meets with
WEUR-W 405.

This course will examine the political, social, cultural, and
economic history of Italy over the past two hundred years.  We shall
cover the Risorgimento and Italian unification; Liberal Italy and
the “mutilated victory” in World War I; Italian opera and other
important cultural movements in the Liberal, Fascist, and Republican
periods; the Fascist seizure of power and regime; alliance with Nazi
Germany, defeat, and resistance in World War II; the decades-long
postwar contest between Christian Democrats and Communists; the
economic miracle of the 1950’s and 60’s; Mafia, left wing, and right
wing violence and terrorism; and recent political developments
including the kickbacks scandal and creation of the so-called Second

The primary text will be Christopher Duggan, The Force of Destiny