History | Modern China
G385 | 21688 | K. Muehlhahn

Above class carries culture studies credit
A portion of above class reserved for majors; open to undergraduates
and Education MA's only

This course offers a narrative of the history of China from
seventeenth century to the founding of the People’s Republic of
China in 1949. Three themes will be highlighted in this
presentation: The opening of China to the world beyond its
traditional borders, the emergence of the modern Chinese nation-
state, and the development and ultimate victory of Chinese
socialism. The goal of the course is an evaluative understanding of
the transformations of modern China, broadly defined. Required
readings of this course consist of a selection of scholarly works,
historical documents in translation, and short stories. The course
assumes no prior introduction to the history of modern China.
Assignments in this course consist of a mid-term examination, two
papers (3-5 pages each), and final examination. Students are
expected to attend lectures and read an average of 50 pages each
week. Your final grade for the course will be assigned on the basis
of 25% mid-term, 20% each paper, 35% final examination.
Required readings:
Jonathan D.  Spence, The Search for Modern China, New York: W. W.
Norton & Company 2002. ISBN 0-393-94170-1
Lary, Diana, China’s Republic, Cambridge University Press 2007 0-521-