History | American History II
H106 | 16500 | J. Bodnar

Above class open to all students. A portion of this class reserved
for University Division Orientation Program students.

This is a course which surveys the major themes and events that
marked the history of the United States since the Civil War.  It
will pay special attention to the  period of Reconstruction after
the Civil War; the growth of urban America, World Wars I and II, The
Great Depression, Vietnam,  the Civil Rights Movement and  the
sixties, major political leaders such as Franklin Roosevelt, Richard
Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and the way modern American history was
portrayed in Hollywood films.

The class will meet twice a week with no discussion sections.
Classes will consist of lectures, discussions of assigned readings,
and periodic film clips.   Most readings will be available on
library E-Reserve but there will be a few short biographies to read.
There will be several quizzes and exams in essay format upon which
to base a grade.