History | Jewish Hist: Bible to Spanish Expulsion
H251 | 13456 | J. Veidlinger

Above class carries culture studies credit.  Above class meets with
JSTU-J 251.

This course is an introduction to the major themes and developments
of the Jewish historical experience from the biblical period to the
early modern period.  Topics include the biblical origins of the
Jewish people and the ancient Israelite monarchy; Jewish life in the
Land of Israel during the Second Temple period; Judaism and
Hellenism; the emergence of rabbinic Judaism and the composition of
its major texts; the emergence of Jewish centers in medieval Europe
and the origins of Sephardi and Ashkenazi Judaism; the relations
between Jews and Christians and between Jews and Muslims; the Jews
during the Crusades; and the fate of Spanish Jewry until the
expulsion in 1492.

Students will be graded on the basis of short writing assignments
and tests.  Readings are drawn from general textbooks on Jewish
history and more specific readings on select topics.