History | Colloq in Medieval European History
H610 | 28395 | L. Shopkow

Topic: The Crusades
Open to graduates only - meets with HIST-H 710

The Crusades may be one of the more vexed phenomena of the Middle
Ages (and of the early modern world?). Did true crusading end in
1204 with the diversion of the Fourth Crusade to Constantinople or
was crusading only truly defined around that time? Were the crusades
a side-show to the take-off of the European economy or deeply
embedded in these phenomena? Were the crusades military expeditions
or pervasive and repeated religious movements? What was the role
of “non-combatants”?
Why did women go on crusade? What did Muslims and Byzantines think
about it all? We’ll consider some of these many issues in this
course on the crusades and crusading. The focus in the reading will
primarily be on the burgeoning secondary literature on the crusades,
beginning with Norman Housley’s Contesting the Crusades, which
surveys some of the debates in the field, but we will read a few
primary sources together as well. Participants enrolling to take
this course as a colloquium (H610) will write a bibliographic essay
on the topic of their choice. Participants enrolling to take this
course as a seminar(H710) will write a research paper on the topic
of their choice.