History | Seminar in Ancient History
H705 | 21712 | E. Watts

Topic: The Last Pagan Generation
Above class meets with HIST-H 605

This course will examine the Eastern Roman Empire's last pagan
generation (a group of individuals born between 300 and 325).  It
will cover the events of their lifetime and will try to recapture
some of the assumptions, attitudes, and experiences that shaped
their tepid response to Christianization--particularly during the
Theodosian period when their responses contrast markedly with those
of their pagan children and grandchildren.  Among the topics to be
covered are the role of public religious celebrations in fourth
century, the process of religious identity formation in this period,
and the role of imperial policy in encouraging religious change.
Students enrolled in the class will be expected to participate
regularly in class discussions and will complete a research paper on
a topic of their choice.  H705 students must be able to work with
non-English language sources.