History | Slavery in the Americas
J300 | 21477 | A. Diaz

A portion reserved for majors; open to undergraduates only.
Meets Intensive Writing requirement.

This course will examine the institution of slavery, racial
ideologies, and slave culture in the Americas with explicit
comparisons between the slaveholding societies of Latin America, the
Caribbean and North America.  The course considers the origins and
development of slavery in Africa and the Americas, the demography
and economics of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the social,
political, and economic context in which the institution of slavery
existed in these regions as well as the process of abolition.
Special attention will also be paid to how enslavement, the slave
trade, and slavery promoted cultural transformations throughout the
Atlantic World from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. We
will delve into the experience of slavery through academic texts,
primary documents, and personal accounts.

As a Writing Intensive Course, this class not only will expose
students to different scholarly perspectives used in the historical
study of slavery, but more importantly will help students to further
develop the core academic skills necessary for successful college-
level work.  While the course focuses on history as a discipline,
the instructor will emphasize the basic skills of close and careful
reading, thorough and meticulous research, and clear and persuasive
academic writing.  Most of this training will be centered on the
production of a research paper.  Throughout every step of the
research and writing process, students will have frequent one-on-one
interaction with the instructor.

Readings include: John Thornton,   Africa and Africans in
the Making of the Atlantic World; Katia Mattoso,  To be a Slave in
Brazil, and a course packet.