History | Feminism and Anti-Feminism
W300 | 21482 | J. Allen

Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA's only. Meets
with GNDR-G 302

This course compares the history of feminist and anti-feminist
theories and related political campaigns in several different modern
cultures up to 1960 – that is, before the beginnings of later C20th
& current forms of feminism.  A series of instances are explored
•	feminist political critiques & resistance to them during the
French Revolution & its aftermath;
•	feminist & anti-feminist contention over mid-nineteenth
century redefinitions of citizens as “male” in the United States,
Australia, & Great Britain;
•	sexual politics debates over metropolitan & imperial state-
regulated prostitution;
•	evolutionary accounts of sexual subjection & their critics;
•	public controversies over 1910s U.S. & British suffragette
•	international disputes surrounding the term “feminism”
itself & its varying meanings;
•	contests about “maternal” politics, birth control, child
protection & state welfare provisions;
•	disputed gender dimensions of World War I, the League of
Nations, & fascist movements;
•	decolonization & resistance to Western feminism in Egypt,
India, China, Nigeria, & Japan;
•	contention over United Nations advancing the new
international category, “the status of women”
•	1950s feminist & anti-feminist stances on gender, sexuality,
psychoanalysis & Kinsey’s research

Students will have the opportunity to enhance skills with textual
analysis, targeted note-taking, research essay writing, & verbal
presentations, including class debates. No required texts: course
readings, films, novels, images & other materials are accessed on


1. Weekly notes on readings [from Oncourse], weekly attendance&
effective participation	20%

2. Class paper 20%

3. Mid-Term [take-home] exam 20%

4. Research essay [on topic of interest] 20%

5.  Final [take-home exam]  20%