History and Philosophy Of Science | Historiography and Philosophical Methods
X706 | 27886 | James Capshew/Jutta Schickore

This seminar takes as its central problematic the changing relations
between history of science and philosophy of science from the late
19th century to the present. It deals with historiography, taken in
its various senses, and philosophical methods, broadly considered,
to seek to identify various strands that have contributed to the
scholarly understanding of science.

Proceeding chronologically (roughly), the course surveys a wide
range of approaches to the theory, study, and writing of history and
philosophy of science. We will discuss how various trends in 20th-
century history and philosophy of science may have facilitated or
obstructed the exchanges between the two fields. Topics include the
distinction between the contexts of discovery and justification,
the “historical turn” in philosophy of science, ethnography of the
laboratory, new experimentalism, cultural history, and historical
epistemology. A portion of the course will be devoted to recent
discussions about the merits and potential of integrated history and
philosophy of science.