International Studies | International Communication
I205 | 21072 | Kousaleos, N.

This course discusses global communication as a process that begins
on the micro-level and expands to the macro level.   The course
takes an ethnographic approach to the study of communication and
culture and offers students training in ethnographic methods.   We
will begin with basic concepts of culture and communication,
continue into interpersonal communication, and then move on to
examine broader mass disseminated forms of communication such as
those operated by the media, governments,  corporations, the
internet,  and other institutions.   Defining individual identity
and ethnicity within the context of globalization will be a major
focus.  Key in our readings will be inquiry into what is at stake
for individuals and groups in the process of communication.  The
course will ask students to examine their own communication styles
and modes as well as those found around them.