Jewish Studies | Colloquium in Jewish Studies: Jewish Studies as an Academic Discipline
H520 | 28405 | S. Magid

JSTU-H 520 Colloquium in Jewish Studies (3 cr.) Shaul Magid
Topic: Jewish Studies as an Academic Discipline
M 4:00-6:00 p.m. #28405 Sycamore 100

This seminar will explore the emergence of Jewish studies as an
academic discipline in Europe, Israel, and the United States. We
will look at the emergence of Jewish studies from its origins in
Oriental and Semitic studies to Biblical studies and finally to a
more broadly defined discipline in the humanities. We will examine
the centrality of Jewish studies as a form of Jewish
nationalist/Zionist ideology in Palestine/Israel and the development
of the discipline as it became integrated into area studies in the
U.S. We will consider the impact of how Jewish studies accommodated
to the new methods and approaches in the academy including its
contribution to post-Zionist thinking in contemporary Israel. Issues
will include the transition from philology to history, thought,
cultural studies, gender studies etc. and will include recent essays
on the future of Jewish studies, its relationship to the Jewish
community, and its commitment to the academy.

Required for Jewish Studies doctoral minors.