Jewish Studies | Social & Historical Topics in JS--Israeli Society: Political, Social, and Religious Divides
J304 | 27095 | Arieli, T.

JSTU-J 304 Social and Historical Topics in Jewish Studies (3 cr.)
Tamar Arieli
Israeli Society: Political, Social and Religious Divides
W 4:00-6:00 p.m. #27905; Ballantine 205
(15 seats have been reserved for Jewish Studies students under a
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Israel's nation and state-building ethos promoted a common Jewish-
Israeli identity that was to override all other identities and
affiliations. Nevertheless, Israel's society is troubled by
deepening ideological, national, ethnic, religious, and economic

The challenges which Israel's society faces arise from its specific
historical antecedents, social features, cultural orientations, and
economic development. At the same time, many aspects of Israel's
social development can be compared to tensions in other modern

This course will evaluate Israel's social trends and divides as
expressions of both its unique circumstances and of the challenges
it shares with modern societies. The discussions will focus on the
challenges facing Israel's cities, towns, and villages such as
social alienation and ethnic and national minorities. In class, we
will analyze various sources such as Israeli media, art, and various
texts to present and discuss issues such as immigration, education,
and employment opportunities, and ingrained social inequality
related to center-periphery relations.

Students will be expected to follow related topics in English
language Israeli newspapers online (Haaretz, Jerusalem Post) as well
as to read weekly assignments.

Evaluation will be based on attendance, assignments, quizzes, mid-
term, and final exam.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies History & Society or Religion & Thought
course; S&H.

Note: JSTU-J 203, JSTU-J 204, JSTU-J 303 and JSTU-J 304 can each be
repeated with different topics for a maximum of 9 credit hours.