Liberal Arts and Management Program | Black Markets: Supply and Demand
L216 | 14063 | Michael Morrone

Approximately 40% of money around the world is made in black
markets. In this course, we consider black markets for cigarettes,
cars, diamonds, wood, drugs, labor, body parts, used goods,
intellectual property, art, antiquities, animals, food, women and
children. We will endeavor to identify the ways these markets seek
to fulfill. Therefore, we will analyze how black markets come to be
from personal and corporate greed and need for self-preservation, to
governmental regulatory and legal systems, corruption, law
enforcement and warfare. As black markets touch on virtually all
aspects of our lives, we will take a multi-disciplinary and multi-
media approach that, t the least, includes film, music, pictures,
the internet, medicine, the law, and business; additionally, each
student will connect his or her interests to this course topic.

Above course limited to LAMP students - must obtain permission.