Latino Studies | Diversity by the Numbers
L105 | 22242 | Sylvia Martinez

Instructor: Sylvia Martinez
11:15A-12:30P   TR  SY 001
Class Carries COLL N&M distribution credit

As our society gets more diverse, we constantly rely on numbers to
make sense of our world.  As we are bombarded with information often
in the form of statistics, we often assume that these numbers are
autonomous, come about on their own, and that they are true.  We
fail to challenge statistics because we often lack the tools
necessary to interpret them.  You will get this and much more out of
this course.
This class will focus on Latinos, the fastest growing ethnic group
in our nation.  Because one out of every four U.S. residents will be
a Latino in 2050, there is a pressing need for us to understand and
produce knowledge about them.  By focusing on the Latino population,
we will be able to understand them in relation to various social
institutions such as education, the family, and the labor market.
At the same time, this will allow us to make better sense of the
quantitative reasoning behind the numbers used in the production of
social statistics.
During the first half of the course, you will learn the methods used
by social scientists to produce statistics.  With these quantitative
tools, you will use the General Social Survey to analyze, produce,
and present your own projects.  Having a common database to work
with for myriad projects, will help us build upon each otherís work
to create a more nuanced and systematic analysis of the complexities
of the Latino population.
By the end of this course, you should be able to evaluate critically
the statistics presented to you in your academic and daily life.
Furthermore, you will leave this class with a better sense of the
diversity, issues, prospects, and contributions of Latinos in this