Linguistics | The Computer and Natural Language
L515 | 17451 | Dickinson

L515 (17451) Meets with L445 (17450)
The Computer and Natural Language

3 Credits

Present-day computer systems work with human language in many
different forms, whether as stored data in the form of text, typed
queries to a database or search engine, or speech commands in a
voice-driven computer system. We also increasingly expect computers to
produce human language, such as user-friendly error messages and
synthesized speech. Through selected readings, exercises,
demonstrations and Python programming, this course will: a) survey a
range of issues relating natural language to computers, covering
real-world applications, b) provide practical experience about
representation and use of natural language on computers, and c)
illustrate key principles of natural language processing through

Topics include text encoding, search technology, tools for writing
support, machine translation, dialogue systems, computer-aided
language learning, and the social context of language technology.

No prior programming experience is expected.