Labor Studies | Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace
L315 | 30194 | Walker, Marquita

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LSTU-L 314 Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace Class Number 30194; 3
cr. This course explores the fundamental basis for ethical decision
making in a workplace, both unionized and nonunionized. We will
discuss specific considerations for making moral judgments within
the work environment and explore the basis upon which those
decisions are made. We seek to improve our thinking about specific
moral issues such as human dignity and respect. This helps us
determine what actions we should or should not take in our daily
lives which, in turn, fashions our answers to questions affecting
how society should or should not be structured. Each field of work
or social activity has a code of ethical conduct which is either
understood or formally written. Each individual within the
profession should understand the value of this code and understand
how decisions made in the workplace have an effect on the work
environment and, by extension, other workers.   Instructor: Marquita
Walker, LSP, IUPUI.