Labor Studies | Labor and the Environment
L390 | 19026 | Chary, Lin

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LSTU-L 390 Labor and the Environment  Class Number 19026; 3 cr. For
years polluting industries and politicians have tried to make people
believe that they only choice they have is between goods jobs or a
clean environment. But the long history of labor and the
environmental movement working together shows that in fact the
opposite is true - without good jobs you can't have a clean
environment, and without a clean environment, you can't attract new
higher paying jobs. Only dirty industries want to set up shop in
dirty places! In this course we will look at the history of the
environmental movement, the history of labor and the environment,
how environmental justice and jobs are linked, and how
environmentalists and labor advocates around the world are working
together to fight the negative effects of globalization, the impacts
of global warming, and for a healthy future for everyone's
children.   Instructor: Lin Chary.