Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Graduate Topics in NELC: Muslim Communities in Europe and the U.S.: Transnational Islam
N695 | 18248 | Harding, Cigdem

This is a survey course about the social and cultural aspects of the
contemporary transnational Muslim communities in Europe and in the
USA. The aims of the course are:
 to introduce the transnational Muslim communities and their
histories of migration to the West
 to introduce their cultural and social organizations in Europe and
in the USA
 to acquaint students with the everyday life of the Muslim
communities in the West, and their representations in the media
 to acquaint the students with sources of research on contemporary
Muslim communities in Europe and the USA.

Course material includes books, articles, films (by and about these
communities); newspaper articles, broadcasts and various media
representations. Classes are a combination of lectures and discussion.