Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Graduate Topics in NELC: Israel Film and Fiction
N695 | 28074 | Katz, Stephen

A sampling of Israeli novels and stories whose texts were made into
film. Subjects covered pertain to the representation of Israeli
culture, values, and experience, including individualism and
collective, war and peace, the self and the nation. Readings,
assignments, and discussion in English.

What are the loves and adventures of a man after he commits suicide?
How does a former boyfriend treat the son of his (former) girlfriend?
What are the consequences of a stable marriage? These and other issues
are covered by our reading of Israeli works of fiction and viewing of
films made of these works.

In this course we will be examining the differing representation human
experiences in two forms of art, prose fiction and film. Our specific
scope will be limited to Israeli fiction as it is “translated” into
film. Both media will be considered as they work in tandem in
representing aspects of Israeli culture, values and history. We will
be reading in English translation works of fiction--mostly novels--by
some of Israel’s leading writers and then consider how these same
works are represented through the medium of films.

In all instances attention will be given to the artistic
accomplishments in each medium and also to the variety of cultural
details each presents--since both the written works and films are
products of the same culture. Readings will include critiques of the
written and filmed pieces and broader studies of the place of
literature and film in Israeli society.