Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Seminar in Classical Arabic Literature: Tracing the Nasibic Journey
N707 | 21163 | Stetkevych, Suzanne

Tracing the Nasībic Journey will focus on the close reading and
translation of classical Arabic poetry texts to trace the roots and
development of the nostalgic journey that takes place in the elegiac
prelude (nasib) section of the Arabic ode. With roots in the
pre-Islamic ode, this feature develops in the late Abbasid works of
such poets as al-Sharif al-Radi and Mihyar al-Daylami and is then
taken up by Sufi poets such as Ibn al-Farid and ibn 'Arabi to trace a
mystic journey. It then further makes its way into praise poems to the
Prophet (mada'ih nabawiyyah) in the Arab East and West (al-Andalus),
particularly as a devotional journey to the grave of the Prophet in
Requirements: Attendance and participation: 40%
Midterm project (12 pp. translation or critical essay): 20%
Final project: Research paper (15-18pp. research paper): 40%
Pre-requisite: reading knowledge of classical Arabic.