Philosophy | Anciet Greek Philosophy
P201 | 15646 | McCarty

The course is intended to provide a student with a detailed,
critical survey of the major figures, doctrines and arguments
characteristic of ancient philosophy in the western tradition.
Special emphasis will be placed upon the writings of the classical
Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle, but our study will extend to
include the views of some presocratic philosophers and such Roman
philosophers as Cicero and Seneca.

Grades will be based on class participation, plus student
performance on quizzes, writing assignments, and examinations. A
quiz will be administered during each meeting of the course. There
will also be frequent writing assignments; great emphasis will be
placed upon helping students write effective philosophical essays.
There will be three sit-down, in-class examinations during the
semester, in addition to the final examination.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of at least three credit hours
in a course or courses on philosophy.