Philosophy | Topics in Philosophy
P370 | 28103 | O'Connor, Tim

We will consider a number of deep and fascinating puzzles concerning
the nature of space and time and the way that objects and persons
occupy and persist in space and time. As is usual with the tangled
ball of yarn that is metaphysics, trying to get to the root of one
issue will require us, to some degree, to consider the rest. By the
end of the term, we will have thought about all of the following
topics: the bearing of relativity theory on metaphysical theories of
time;  the possibilities of hyperspace and hypertime;  elementary
physical objects vs. bottomless 'gunk';  Zeno's paradoxes of motion,
physical boundaries, and the mysteries of the continuum;  the
persistence through change of persons among other objects;  whether
time travel is possible and what it would be;  time and causation;
God, Time, and Timeless Eternity.

Prerequisite: 2 previous courses in philosophy and a hearty appetite
for 'grubbing around in the roots of being.'
Texts: all readings will be available via electronic reserve.