Philosophy | Philosophy and the Foundations of Math
P551 | 28113 | McCarty

A survey of recent and contemporary philosophy of mathematics in the
analytical tradition, based on readings from the
anthology "Philosophy of Mathematics," edited by Paul Benacerraf and
Hilary Putnam, and on the monograph “Thinking about Mathematics” by
Stewart Shapiro. Close and detailed consideration will be given to
logicism, formalism, and intuitionism, as well as to recent
philosophical issues concerning our knowledge of mathematical
truths, and the precise nature of sets.

Required texts: Benacerraf, P. and H. Putnam (eds) "Philosophy of
Mathematics: Selected Readings." Second Edition. Cambridge
University Press. 1984. Paperback.

Shapiro, Stewart. “Thinking about Mathematics.” Oxford University
Press. 2000. Paperback.

Assignments and Grading: A student's grade in the course will be
determined by his or her performance on one in-class midterm
examination, one take-home final examination, frequent short papers,
quizzes, presentations and classroom participation.

Prerequisites: Students should have completed a solid and
mathematically sophisticated course in mathematical logic at the
graduate level.