Political Science | Comparitive Politics
Y107 | 15784 | Smyth

Comparative politics is the branch of political science that studies
the similarities and differences across different political regimes.
In this class, we use the analytic tools of comparative political
science to explore critical questions in the contemporary world:  the
classification of political regimes; the effect of oil resources on
political and economic systems; the origins of political parties in
new democracies; the obstacles to democratic regime in Iraq.  The
course is aimed at providing intellectual and practical skills that
will help you in social science research.  Reading will be drawn from
political science and journals as well as chapters in recent books.
No textbook is required.  Your grade in the class will be based on 1)
homework assignments based on the reading; 2) a midterm and final
exam; and 3) two summaries of lectures related to comparative politics.