Political Science | Politics and Citizenship in the Information Age
Y202 | 30968 | D'Amico

Y202 Politics and Citizenship in the Information Age:
The past two decades have been notable for the increased
interconnectedness that has occurred, both within and between
countries. The advent of the twenty four hour cable news networks,
internet news, and independent blogs has created a wealth of
information that is accessible at the whim of individuals. This course
will examine how the effect of the news media in this information age.
It will begin with a brief overview of the classic role and effects of
the media (agenda setting, framing, role maintaining democracy, etc.)
and then examine how the change in technology has: altered the media's
role and the participation/preferences of citizens. We will pay
particular attention to questions of whether the information age has
increased or decreased the democratic competence of citizens, altered
the extent that they participate in politics, and whether it has
changed how political elites interact with the mass population. This
course will use the upcoming Congressional midterm elections as well
as international examples (in Western Europe, Iran and Russia for
instance) to illustrate these debates.