Political Science | Russian Politics
Y332 | 21298 | Smyth

Russian Politics, POLSY332:  Why did Russian democracy fail?  What
prompted the rise of the new authoritarian Russian state?  Is
authoritarianism durable or will economic crisis and political change
prompt a new cycle of democratization?  This course is organized to
address these questions.  They are important both for understanding
Russia but also for understanding broader issues in political science:
when efforts to democracy succeed or fail; the difficulty in
establishing market economics; and the importance of the legacy of
authoritarian regimes in shaping the success or failure of democratic
transitions.  The readings will be based on one textbook, Stephen
White editor, Developments in Russian Politics, edition 7, which is
required, and articles and handouts available through the library’s
on-line journal system or the course website.  Grading will be based
on a series of short essays, quizzes, and a final paper that engages
the broad themes of the class.