Political Science | ComparativeForeign Policy
Y363 | 28145 | Lee

In this class we will explore how international actors make decisions
in order to accomplish their military, diplomatic and economic goals.
In order to accomplish this, we will examine theories of foreign
policy at different levels of analysis. We will start inside the heads
of world leaders, move on to how organizations work, then to the
vagaries of national politics, and finally to the influences of the
international system itself. We will apply these theories to a range
of cases, both contemporary and historical, US and foreign. Specific
cases will include: the response to the “great recession”, the 2003
decision to invade Iraq, the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, the
formation of the EU, nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea,
China-US trade relations, environmental diplomacy from Kyoto and
Copenhagen, the Cuban missile crisis, and the origins of the Second
World War and the Anglo-German naval race. To aid in the analysis of
cases, students will be introduced to basic methods of case study