Political Science | Political Science & Professional Development
Y550 | 31739 | Hershey

Y550  Teaching Political Science I: Understanding and Negotiating
the Teaching Environment (semester I only)
Date and time to be arranged by participants;  1 credit
Open to Political Science and Joint Program PhD Students Only

This seminar, which is the first step in the department's Preparing
Future Faculty Program, will meet five times during fall semester,
at a mutually convenient time (TBA) during the second week of
classes and bi-weekly after that.  No readings are required.
Students enrolling in the course (which will continue during the
spring semester) will receive departmental certification in the
Preparing Future Faculty Program.  Topics for the five sessions
during fall semester are:  the nature and rules of the IU teaching
environment; effective methods of leading discussions; a micro-
teaching session in leading discussions; various methods of
assessing students' learning and grading; and resources available
for getting help with teaching.  First-year students are expected to
attend, but the seminar will also be open to continuing graduate
(Note: Graduate students who are teaching independent sections
during fall semester will enroll in a separate section of Y550
designed to support their immediate teaching needs.  Y550 may be
repeated for credit.)