Political Science | Comparative Politics: Post-Soviet Central Asia: Politics, Economy and Foreign Relations
Y657 | 28154 | Fierman

Topic:  Post-Soviet Central Asia: Politics, Economy and Foreign

Course meets with CEUS-R 529

This graduate colloquium will focus on political, economic, and
foreign policy issues since 1991 in the five former Soviet republics
that emerged as independent countries in Central Asia. Each meeting
will be devoted to a different topic, generally covering all of
Central Asia. (See tentative list of classes below.)  As we look at
each topic, our main focus will be the similarities and differences
among the newly independent states of Central Asia; however, we will
also consider similarities and differences between Central Asia and
other regions of the former USSR.  We will also consider how
transition in Central Asia from the Soviet days resembles and
differs from that in other parts of the CIS.
Students enrolled in this class should already have some familiarity
with Central Asia and/or political, economic, and social issues in
other post-Soviet countries.  (If you lack background on both of
these areas, this is probably not the appropriate course for you.)
Readings will be available electronically through the e-reserves.
Most of the readings in these packets will be chapters of books,
scholarly articles, reports by international organizations, and
brief news reports or analyses.
GRADING: The course grade will be calculated with 30% based on class
participation, 35% based on weekly short papers, and 35% based on
the major paper.