Psychology and Brain Sciences | Topics in Psychology: Program Evaluation
P457 | 28156 | Holtzworth-Munroe, A.

Real World Program Evaluation: Service Learning at Middleway or the

Saturday, volunteer training session at Middleway. Your choices for
Fall 2010 are either September 11th or September 25th. Both dates
are Saturdays. The training lasts from 9 AM – 5 PM, and you must
attend the entire day. There are NO other options for volunteer
training; thus, if you can not make one of these training sessions,
then you can not take the course and/or will be dismissed from the
course at the end of September.

This is a service learning course, which involves volunteer service
at a community agency. Specifically, through Middleway, you will
work either at Middleway (which is a battered women’s shelter and a
domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center) or at the Rise
(run by Middleway, the Rise provides transitional housing and
programs for battered women and their children).

As service learning is an integral part of this course, regular
volunteer work (e.g., at least 3 hours/week) is required. Given the
needs of the community agency, your volunteer work must be done on a
weekly basis (i.e., you can not “bank” hours and do most of it in
fewer sessions). The volunteer job you are assigned and the days and
hours you work will be decided in consultation with the
Middleway/Rise volunteer coordinator and/or COPSL ACE, based on the
agency’s needs, your interests, and your available days and times.
You must provide your own transportation to your volunteer site,
attend the orientation sessions there (as noted above), pass the
site=s screening criteria (which will include a criminal background
check and might include other tests, such as a TB test), and work to
satisfy the agency=s requirements for volunteers.

Class time and readings will be devoted to learning about program
evaluation and applying these ideas to the program in which you are
volunteering. For example, based on the research, we will consider
the needs of the populations served by Middleway/Rise and the
available programs and interventions for those populations. Then,
you will compare these ideas to what is actually happening in your
agency and consider how you could design, implement, and/or evaluate
a program at your agency. Students will search the research
literature and do readings on the population and needs being
addressed at the agency where they volunteer. Short papers will be
assigned throughout the semester. Quizzes will be given on every
reading completed for class (e.g., quizzes will be given almost
every class). Students should be mature, interested in community
service, interested in research, and able to devote adequate time to
this course.

Prerequisites: Introduction to psychology; research methods (P211);
statistics (K300); these classes are necessary, as you will be
reading many journal article studies and designing your own program
evaluation research study (you must understand research methodology
and statistics).
Optional, but ideal, pre-requisites: abnormal or developmental
psychology; lab experience in psychology or a lab psychology course.