Psychology and Brain Sciences | Topical Seminar: Cognitive Neuroscience of Psychopathology
P657 | 18795 | O'Donnell, B.

The emphases of this seminar will be on a) cognitive, genetic
and neural mechanisms involved in mental illness; b) methods for
investigation of etiology and mechanisms, including cognitive
assessment and modeling,  brain imaging (EEG/MEG; PET; structural
MRI; fMRI), functional genomics and animal models; and c)
psychopharmacological, cognitive, and psychosocial interventions.
A background in basic neuroscience is recommended.  Specific
disorders covered in detail will likely include disorders of
movement and intention, autism, disorders of consciousness,
attentional disorders, sexual dysfunction, and stress and anxiety
disorders.    I am interested in specific interests of graduate
students.  The course grade will be based on class presentations,
participation, and papers.  For further information, please contact
Brian O’Donnell: