Religious Studies | Issues in African European and W. Asian Religions: The Dead Sea Scrolls
A202 | 31492 | D. Wilson

This courses carries Arts and Humanities distribution for the
college of arts and sciences.

What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?  Some sixty years after these
mysterious documents were discovered in the desert of Judaea,
scholars are still puzzled by their existence.  Immensely important
for both the histories of Judaism and Christianity, the scrolls
speak of an ultimate war pitting the forces of good against the
forces of evil, insidious fallen angels bringing sin to the world,
and the existence of not one but two messiahs who will lead their
people to victory.
This course will examine the Dead Sea Scrolls’ major themes, their
historical context, and the dominant and opposing scholarly views on
these peculiar pieces of parchment from the Wadi Qumran.