Religious Studies | Introduction to Judaism (prev # R245)
A230 | 30760 | J. Carr

COLL A&H, Culture Studies A,  Area A--Africa, Europe, and West Asia
for the major and minor.

This course will explore the development of varieties of beliefs,
practices, and identities that have been known as “Judaism.”
Beginning with the religion of Ancient Israel (or proto-Judaism) we
will trace the development of a small tribe into one of the world’s
major religions.

We will begin by discussing the concept of “religion” more
generally, what it implies and if it is useful for understanding
Judaism. We will then turn to the Jewish traditions from the Bible
to modern times. We will look at the ways Jews created, adopted, and
utilized ideas in response to their cultural and social surroundings
and through their (re-)interpretation of canonical texts. Topics
will include Judaism as a religion, Ancient Israelite religion,
Rabbinic Judaism and texts, the synagogue Service & holidays, the
Middle Ages, mysticism & Hasidism, modernity & emancipation, the
rise of denominations, antisemitism, Zionism, the Holocaust, and
Jewish feminism. Credit given for only one A230 or R245

Required Texts will include:
Michael Satlow, Creating Judaism
Barry Holtz, Back to the Sources
Paul Mendes-Flohr and Jehuda Reinharz, The Jew in the Modern World
Herman Wouk, This is My God
Materials posted to E-Reserves and Oncourse.