Religious Studies | Paul and His Influence (Previous # R325)
A321 | 30780 | J. Harrill

Previous # R325-- COLL A&H, CSA Area A- Africa, Europe and West
Asia.  Cross-listed with Jewish Studies

This course investigates the Apostle Paul through a historical study
of his own letters and the later literature that others wrote about
him.  Our historical approach means attention to ancient Judaism,
Greek culture, and Roman imperial society.  We shall examine Paul’s
founding and nurturing of Christian communities, the social and
religious conflicts to which his letters respond, and his reception
over time from Late Antiquity and the Reformation to Modern times.
Topics include Paul's rhetorical style, his method of community
formation, his beliefs about Christ, and his moral teachings,
including areas of controversy.  We will read important Western
thinkers on Paul, such as Augustine, Martin Luther, Friedrich
Nietzsche, and George Bernard Shaw, as well the critical scholarship
on Paul that has shaped the field of biblical studies.

Required Textbooks:
Wayne A. Meeks, The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the
Apostle Paul, 2d ed.
Wayne A. Meeks, The Writings of St. Paul, 2d. ed. Dale B. Martin,
The Corinthian Body

Tests:  There will be a Midterm Exam and a Final Exam. Papers:  One
short (2–3 page) essay, and one longer Research Paper (8–10 pages)
with an in-class Oral Presentation.   The longer paper is an
independent research project (topic in consultation with the
instructor), the results of which you argue in an oral
presentation.  Grading:	25%    Short Essay 	25%	Midterm  25%
Research Paper and Oral Presentation 	25%	Final Exam
Active class participation improves final grade.
Credit given for either A321 or R325.