Religious Studies | Introduction to Buddhism (previous # R250)
B210 | 31162 | R. Nance

Topics Course credit (COLL-E103) COLL A&H, CSA
Area B- South and East Asia for major and minor

This course offers a broad overview of Buddhist ideas and practices,
from their origins in India to their later expansions into other
parts of Asia (and their more recent incursions into Europe and the
The course has two main aims: first, to familiarize you with
Buddhism as it has taken shape in various historical and cultural
settings; second, to invite you to think carefully and critically
about Buddhist ideas and practices and what they imply for those who
espouse and engage in them.
In pursuit of these aims, we will investigate a wide range of
primary sources in translation, together with additional texts (and
a few films) that will help you to contextualize and understand this
material. No previous knowledge of Buddhism is required. Credit
given for only one B210 or R250.