Religious Studies | Religions of Asia (formerly: Religions of the East)
R153 | 15891 | H. Blair

Above course carries COLL A&H, Culture Studies A

What makes a great religious book great, and how can that book mean
radically different things to different people? This course examines
these questions and also introduces students to some of the world’s
most famous and influential religious texts. Our emphasis will be on
in-depth readings of primary sources from the Buddhist, Hindu,
Confucian, and Daoist classics (for example, our readings will
include the Bhagavad Gita and Confucius’ Analects). Throughout the
course, students will learn and practice a set of strategies for
reading and analyzing these rewarding texts. In addition to readings
assigned for each class meeting, requirements include a midterm,
final, and very short weekly writing exercises. This course includes
both lecture and discussion sections and has no pre-requisites.