Religious Studies | The Hindu Traditions: Re-examining Hinduism: Worshipful Interactions with Embodied Forms of Divinity
R650 | 27531 | D. Haberman

We will explore in this graduate seminar embodiment in the Hindu
traditions of India.  We will begin by looking at early
representations of embodiment in Western anthropological writings
and other scholastic literature, paying particular attention to
representations of religion in general and Hinduism in particular.
Our goal here will be so understand why the important feature of
embodiment was often left out of or even denigrated in early
academic representations of Hinduism.  We will then explore concepts
of divine embodiment in a variety of Hindu texts and ritual
practices, coming to see the central role they play within much of
Hinduism.  Finally, we will examine the way embodiment is being
stretched and challenged by such contemporary issues as
environmental destruction and technological advancements in visual