Telecommunications | Telecommunications Networks
T322 | 16488 | Forkner, T

Understand the development of telephone telecommunications.  Be
able to describe historical issues with regard to economic, social,
political, and technological perspectives.  Be able to describe
specific events surrounding the rapidly changing telecommunications
industry and discuss the impact of those events.  Be able to
describe the current status of the industry, the impact the industry
has on society, and possible future directions the industry may
take.  Be able to describe the functional components of the
telephone system, their operational characteristics, and how
technology issues affect the policy process, both directly and

This course is presented in a lecture/discussion format.
Students are given assigned readings each week that are targeted at
the developments in a particular time period.  The associated
lectures are aimed at creating a comprehensive understanding of the
issues and their relationships.  Lectures are designed to encourage
active discussion by students.

Project 1       5 %
Participation   20 %
Project 2       25 %
Mid-term        25 %
Final exam      25 %

Exams are designed to enable the student to demonstrate a
command of the major issues through essay and short answer.  Project
1 is a small group discussion and presentation assignment.   Project
2 is a 10-page research paper on a telephony-related topic of your
choice.  A 15 minute presentation of the research paper to the class
may be required.  Emphasis on participation is designed to encourage
attendance and active learning.

Introduction to Telephones and Telephone Systems, Noll
Telephone  The First 100 Years, Brooks

The course begins with discussion of the current telephone
industry and the Communications Revolution.  Major emphasis is
placed on understanding the issues facing society, and the part that
telephony plays now and in the future.  With a common understanding
of where we are today, study then moves back to the 1850s, to begin
a progressive study of the events that lead us to our current
position.  Each week a period of time is examined with a lecture
about major technological, political, economic, social, and other
events.  Discussion is encouraged to ensure that the student has a
good grasp of the issues and their relationships.
During the first ten weeks the students are encouraged to
identify a telephony-related topic of their choice for the research
paper (Project #2).  Instructor approval of the topic is required.
Project #2 presentations by students are scheduled for the last
class period.

Session  1  -  Introduction
   2  -  Project #1;  Visions, Issues
   3  -  1850 - 1900, basic transmission
   4  -  1900 - 1907, manual switching
   5  -  1908 - 1918, SxS
   6  -  1919 - 1929, testing & multiplexing
   7  -  1930 - 1940, TTY & X-bar
   8  -  Mid-term exam
   9  -  1941 - 1956, WWII
   10  -  1957 - 1963, ESS
   11  -  1964 - 1974, Digital
   12  -  1975 -  Present
   13  -  Advanced technologies
   14  -  Futures
   15  -  Student presentations;  Project #2 due
   16  -  Final Exam:

Final Exam:  Thursday  Dec. 16, 2010    10:15 a.m.  12:15 a.m.