Telecommunications | Economics of Media Industries
T532 | 28388 | Waterman, D

We apply microeconomic principles to understand how consumer demand,
technology, and government policies interact to affect the market
structure and business strategies of media firms and organizations—
and ultimately, the availability, prices, diversity, and content of
media products. A variety of industries are covered, including
Internet content providers, print, motion pictures, cable and other
multi-channel video distribution systems.

One goal of the course is to provide you with a basis for evaluating
public policy issues in the media. Understanding economic incentives
and the market process is often critical for determining whether
regulations or other government policies toward media are likely to
work or not. Another goal is to provide you with a foundation for
determining which competitive strategies of media firms and
organizations are likely to be most successful

There is no prerequisite for the course. We will develop the
economic models and concepts that we need in the class.

For additional information, please contact Prof. David Waterman,
Dept. of Telecommunications; 5-6170 or