Telecommunications | Interactive Storytelling & Computer Games
T580 | 21463 | Sheldon, L

Description of the course: Students will be expected to work in
teams to write a design document and create a prototype for an
engaging videogame. The type of game doesn’t matter, but it should
include characters and story, not just flying bricks. The size of
the game doesn’t matter, but the game must contain enough compelling
gameplay and story to provide adequate value as a commercial
product. Instruction will include all aspects of the game design:
character development, story, theme, gameplay, mechanics, systems,
etc., focusing on detailed problem-solving.

Course format: Class time will be a combination of lecture, workshop
and review.

Class meets 1:00pm-2:15pm MW

Grading procedure: Grading is rigorous, based on attendance, class
participation, written proposals and the completion of a videogame
design document and prototype.

Required texts: Character Development and Storytelling for Games by
Lee Sheldon

Other pertinent info: While programming and art issues will be
discussed, and may be used in the prototype of the game, no
programming knowledge or artistic ability is required. Playable
paper prototypes will be accepted as well.