Asian American Studies | Introduction to Asian American Studies
A101 | 13931 | Dean

Course meets first 8 weeks only.

In studying Asian American history from the nineteenth century
through the pre-sent, we will also explore the diversity of groups
brought under the umbrella of “Asian American.” Readings on major
events in the collective experience of Asian immigrants and their
American-born descendants will be supplemented with the more personal
accounts that are offered through poetry, fiction, personal essays,
and/or film.
Our texts will touch on “Gold Mountain,” Manzanar, and Sa-I-Gu ( the
1992 LA Ri-ots); Bruce Lee, Vincent Chin, Latasha Harlins, Sue
Kunitomi Embrey, and Yoko Ono. These texts may serve as spring-boards
into discussions not only about immigration, exclusion, and racial
stereo-typing, but also about the cultural/familial expectations and
conflicts a “hyphenated American” must often negotiate. Stu-dents
will have opportunities, both indi-vidually and in groups, to explore
these issues within the broader con-text of American culture and to
trace the line from this aspect of our shared past into the present