American Studies | Advanced Topics in A & H for AMST-CINEMAS OF THE BLACK DIASPORA
A398 | 33114 | Martin

Fall 2011
[2nd 8-week session]

Course Description

Filmmaking in the black diaspora constitutes a formally innovative
and historically contingent practice and corpus in world cinema. By
discussions, screenings and class presentations, and emphasizing
distinctive styles, artisanal modes, and representational strategies,
select films are studied for their political and cultural
significations and shared thematic concerns. They include colonialism
and postcoloniality, race, gender and sexuality, migration and exile,
modernity, and the deterritorializing and homogenizing processes of

Course objectives [“learning outcomes”]

•	to discern cinematic representations of identity, social
relations, and societal formations;
•	to deploy analytical concepts to study film; and
•	to foster an appreciation of film as a visual and narrative
art form.