American Studies | Colloquium in AMST-Space, Place, and History
G620 | 1048 | Sandweiss

“Space, Place, and History”
Fall 2011


Eric Sandweiss
822 Ballantine Hall

Course Description

Where does history take place?  A growing body of literature—
historical and otherwise—reminds us that location is more than a
backdrop to human events and actions;  place is, instead, an active
agent in structuring experience.

This class encourages students to consider the application of a range
of sociological, philosophical, architectural, and geographical
theories of space and place to historical study .  Drawing from both
theoretical and applied works, we will review the literature of place
as it has developed from the eighteenth century to the present.
Historical readings will focus generally on North America and Europe,
but students will also select appropriate readings from their
particular areas of historical interest.

The semester will be divided into seven broadly topical discussions.
For each, students will read one work in common and select another to
present individually.  Class assignments will include brief essays
and oral presentations, as well as regular group discussion.