American Studies | Colloquium in AMST: Introduction to Comparative Ethnic and Post-Colonial Studies
G620 | 13689 | Seigel/Vogel

Meets with ENG-L648


Introduction to Comparative Ethnic and Post-Colonial Studies

This course is an introduction to key debates and theories of
Comparative Ethnic Studies and Post-Colonial Studies. Both
Comparative Ethnic and Post-Colonial Studies draw on theories that
treat representation in relation to race, ideology, gender, class,
culture, nation, citizenship, and diaspora. Comparative Ethnic
Studies' focus on the very processes by which particular groups are
racialized foregrounds both differences and relationships between
intra-national groups. Rather than positing ethnicity as an object to
be studied, current work in this field examines shifting shapes of
the categories "race," "ethnicity," and "culture" along with
particular productions of ethnic differences. Post-Colonial Studies
has also been concerned with canon formation and the exclusion, from
the study of literature, of cultures and people who have experienced,
or are still enduring, some form of colonialism. Yet post-colonial
and ethnic studies scholars have not limited themselves to the
analysis of literary texts alone; rather, they have studied colonial
and domestic laws, educational policies, administrative records,
nationalist pamphlets and speeches, music, print and mass media,
among other kinds of documents and cultural artifacts. This course
brings these concerns into conversation with one another.