American Studies | AMST-G620 Colloquium in AMST: Readings in African American History: To 1900
G620 | 31903 | Myers

Meets with HIST-H650

This course is designed to introduce students to the major topics,
themes, and problems in African American history from the Colonial
Period to the Progressive Era. Weekly assignments will consist of
reading one monograph (most of which will have been published
recently) plus one-two articles, as well as a brief written analysis
of said readings. By familiarizing students with the literature and
major historiographical debates in African American history to 1900,
this course will help students (1) identify a research topic for a
future seminar or thesis; (2) begin to prepare for qualifying exams
in the U.S. and African Diaspora fields; and (3) sharpen their
abilities to engage critically and constructively with scholarship.
Every student will be responsible for one-two presentations of the
week’s readings; a short book review; an intellectual autobiography;
and a historiographic essay due at the end of the semester. Class
participation will be critical to students’ overall performance.
Every student, including the week’s presenter, is expected to have
read the assigned materials and to come to class prepared to engage
in an informed and thoughtful discussion.